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Pronunciation: Paddock [pad-uhk]


Our goal is always 100% satisfaction. See what some of our previous customers had to say about their car buying experience!

Jul 23, 2023

Michael Crisafulli

Sheldon and Tony were great! No fuss way to buy a car. I couldn't be happier. They were knowledgeable and professional. I loved the no hassle buying experience. Truly a pleasure to work with.

Jul 14, 2023

Daniel C.

You know, initially I had my doubts before purchasing my M3 from them. I haven't had good experiences at used car dealerships in the past. But Sheldon and Tony... man I was so blown away. Buying a car should ALWAYS be like this.They were both very communicative and transparent. I was flying in from Los Angeles and they even picked me up from the airport SUPER early in the morning! WOW!!!They're very knowledgeable, honest, and respectful of your time.The cars they curate are primo too. I would buy my next car from them and I even recommended my friends to seek them out for their next car as well.

Jun 05, 2023

Wilson Lam

Where to start on this review...for those who don't want to read the lengthy review. The TLDR is YES, Tony and Sheldon at The Auto Paddock truly give you the most professional, transparent yet casual used car buying experience ever! I was looking for a reliable and fuel efficient vehicle for my 76 mile commute to work and back. Upon arrival, you can tell that Tony and Sheldon at The Auto Paddock are passionate about their hobby in cars and their business. I was not rushed into the vehicle buying process and their knowledge of their vehicles in inventory sealed the deal. I've purchased multiple cars throughout my life and the way they handled themselves was truly a professional yet casual experience. If I had any questions about the vehicle or paperwork, they took the time to explain it in a way that was easy for me to process and understand. Thank you for Tony and Sheldon for the awesome daily and I hope we can do more business in the future when I am in the market for another vehicle!

May 21, 2023

Michael M.

Well it's been over two weeks since I purchased my 2015 Toyota sienna limited from the boys at Auto Padlock. First thing I appreciate about them that they are also just as myself and family are native born San Franciscans. They have true integrity for being car salesman and definitely support the local economy. My purchase has been tremendous and I can't tell you how much I appreciate the customer service ,I received from Auto Padlock. In no way shape or form did I feel pressured by any annoying follow up calls after I initially looked at the vehicle, and that tells me that they don't feel, like they have to pester the customer into buying the vehicle. Because the vehicles they sell are not only quality but they sell themselves.My credits not so great, but they definitely help me get a quality loan at a decent APR and for that I am also grateful . So if you are looking to support a small business, please support this business because it's two high school buddies with the dream and they're living it. To Sheldon and Tony, I am very grateful for the opportunity. You gave me to buy a new car for my family and myself and as a San Francisco Native also, I am very proud of the the business you have created by two local boys. Stay blessed, and we will see each other again..

May 03, 2023

Farouq A.

Shopping for a used car is not an easy matter; dealing with a dealership or a salesperson who may not communicate with you in a timely manner, might push you in some way or another, and/ or become rude if you decide not to buy.  This is definitely and surprisingly is not the case at "The Auto Paddock''. All the unexpected happened: Professional Communication, Responsiveness, Excellent customer service, and Transparency. I am really satisfied with my purchase and I definitely recommend them for anyone who is shopping for a car. I will definitely be back the next time I'm in the market.Sheldon and Tony THANK YOU! for making this experience pleasant for me!

Mar 05, 2023

Ryan Blackmon

I purchased a 2008 Lexus LS 460. The car is in great shape what's relatively low mileage considering the year. Sheldon was excellent work with and was obviously very knowledgeable about the vehicle. I couldn't be happier!

Mar 05, 2023

H Loeffler

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Tony and Sheldon while helping a friend get a new car and I loved every second of the experience! From quick and friendly emails from Tony, to Sheldon's detailed knowledge of every aspect of the vehicle, and their transparency with every tiny detail of the car, I'd come back to The Auto Paddock every time from now on I'm looking for a new vehicle! Even the chat about the difficulties of buying used cars was such a blast! If you're so much as thinking about buying one of their cars, drop by and chat with them, I think even if you don't buy it'll be worth your time!

Feb 14, 2023

Trey Anderson

By far the best service I have ever had! Great customer service, everybody down to earth and easy to talk too! The office although small was very comfortable. Easiest car I have ever bought!

Feb 14, 2023

Michael Kaifetz

Great to work with, Very helpful and responsive

Feb 08, 2023

Chad K.

Tony and Sheldon made the buying used car experience very comfortable and easy.  They are very nice, informative and not intimidating. The vehicle selection was perfect for our needs...we were able to find a low mileage honda accord for a great price.  I recommend contacting them.

Jan 18, 2023

Alvin Li

Tony and Shelton made the process of buying a car so easy. The service and their knowledge of cars made me feel at ease with my purchase. They answered all my questions I had and even gave me the background of the car. I highly recommend purchasing your car from them.

Dec 22, 2022

Tsundae 86

Went to check out a car here. Sheldon is very knowledgeable about cars. This place is great if you’re a car enthusiast, and if you aren’t one they have no problem explaining and demonstrating the features on the vehicle. There is no pressure to buy and they are very up front about all of their vehicles. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle 100%

Dec 16, 2022

Huy Tran

Tony was a pleasure to work with. He was very attentive and informative and helped me get what I needed with lightning quick speed.

Dec 03, 2022

Sabrina Mierswa

Sheldon was great to work with. Very refreshing car buying experience.

Oct 28, 2022

Manuel A.

Called over to their shop to inquire about a particular Lexus SUV they had on line and a young man answered, I mentioned to him I was communicating with someone on staff via text and I have a couple questions that had not been answered. One may have mistaken this young man for one of Auto Paddocks competitors, because very quickly that young man would not only answer my question but would elaborate and offer additional information, information that saved me time. For me there's one deal killer,  if the car I'm buying has cracks in the dashboard, it's on to the next for me and I pass, too difficult to replace or repair. It turns out I was speaking to one of the businesses owners.The boutique styled car selling business apparently treats  there customers with, honesty and candidness that is sadly, not part of the business vernacular today. This was refreshing to say the least. Thanks for candidly offering an upfront and honest answer about the vehicle's condition. Now that's some honesty, integrity and sincerity I can get behind! Haven't bought a car from the guy yet however, this individuals positive disposition was so unexpected so early on in our conversation it's inspired a pre- business transactions, review.This might be a first.

Oct 05, 2022

Kin Li

Highly recommend Sheldon!

Oct 05, 2022

kevin wong

Tony and shelton was very helpful with my car shopping experience. I was looking for my first car and they were very patience with all my questions

Sep 25, 2022

Derek Yang

Got my dream car and commuter from them at very reasonable prices. Great customer service and definitely recommend them to friends and family.

Sep 25, 2022

Strength Camp SF

I'm not a car person, so Tony and Sheldon were both really helpful in answering all my questions and not like typical car salesman. I recommend checking them out for a friendly and professional car consultation/buying experience!

Sep 15, 2022

Catherine Schwoerer

While I did not ultimately buy the car I was considering, my experience with Shelton and The Auto Paddock was extremely positive! Communication was great: Open, courteous, responsive. Fun! Not at all pushy! Helpful! They are living the values stated on their website: upfront, honest. Refreshing! Check them out!

Aug 10, 2022

Ryder Thomas

I bought a 2019 Cmary SE from them a few days ago and I gotta say I absolutely love it. They were amazing through the whole process and went above and beyond for me in multiple ways, so much so that I drove 5 hours ro get the car. Their selection also blew me away as well which included everything from a Nissan Altima to a brand new Porsche 911 GT3. These guys are car enthusiasts and I would recommend them to anyone.

Jul 23, 2022

jesus huerta

Took my car their for consignment after dealer tried to offer me a low value. They sold it for over twice the trade in offer and quicker than I could myself.

Jul 10, 2022

Yi Han

Tony and Shelton were great guys to work with. Answered all my questions and put customer first. Not many shop can do that. Was looking for a reliable sedan and got a great car from them. They are chill and I didn't feel any pressure. Highly recommend! Just talk to them if you have any questions about getting a car.

Jun 30, 2022

Preston C.

The two guys who run this shop are superb. You can tell they are car guys first and salespeople second.  Sheldon was able to find and procure a vehicle for me. He was communicative, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. No high pressure sales gimmicks, no slimy used-car-dealer vibes.

May 19, 2022

David K.

I purchased a 2004 4runner back in January of this year and could not have been more pleased about the customer service. Both Tony and Sheldon were very friendly, and flexible with showing me the vehicle. They even allowed me to put a deposit down to hold the vehicle until I was able to finalize funding with my lender.Overall it was a great experience and look forward to working with them again in the future.Thanks guys!

May 17, 2022

Esteban O.

I had such a great experience at auto paddock. Sheldon and Tony were friendly , professional and responsive. They made sure I got the best deal possible. I love my Lexus IS 250 F sport! Will definitely be doing business with them on my future car purchase.

Feb 18, 2022

Glenn Baken

Working with Sheldon was a pleasure. We were looking for a manual 325xi for a while until we found this low mileage 2003. The condition of the car was exactly as represented. We were most impressed by the communication, and professionalism of the Auto Paddock team.

Nov 29, 2021


Great service with genuine people. Highly recommend to anyone interested in purchasing or looking for a car. No bs

Nov 28, 2021

Wilton C.

I purchased a low-mileage 2008 Acura TSX from these guys.  The entire process was smooth and stress-free.  I was given the time to inspect the vehicle and not pressured at all to buy it.  Responsive, knowledgeable and fair.  Great car-buying experience!

Nov 08, 2021

Michael M.

My partner and I purchased a used Mercedes Benz from the Auto Paddock. We needed a car that was low to the ground for our aging large dog to get into, and my Land Rover is too high off the ground for him :(. TLDR: This dealership made it easy, start to finish and allowed us the flexibility for the test drive we needed to ensure this purchase made sense for our unique situation.Sheldon described the car in great detail, taking us through the available data for condition and service history. He remained on standby via phone and text to answer my numerous questions (I am very particular when it comes to vehicle purchases). It's clear Sheldon and his colleagues have a passion for cars. Buying from a knowledgeable enthusiast in a low pressure environment really set this experience apart from other cars we have bought.This vehicle was priced reasonably considering the age and mileage, and I feel like we both got a great deal. I walked out feeling like we made a good decision and I'd consider using their services again when its time to replace my Rover. Thanks all.

Sep 12, 2021

Alvin Valdez

Awesome service. Owner is very accommodating. Very happy I dropped by.

Mar 16, 2021

Allegra Buch

Sheldon hooked me up with an absolute gem of a car! He took care of all the difficult paper work and gave me great deal too. I appreciated that he was friendly, kind, and professional. If I'm ever looking for another car, he's the first one I'd ask.



We do our best to disclose everything that we know about the cars that we sell. The last thing we want is for you to be unhappy with your new car.


Since our overhead is low, we can focus on giving our customers the quality service that they deserve. There is no pressure from us to purchase a vehicle.


Every customer is family and we only want the best for you. We're only one call, text message, or email away if there is anything you need from us.